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Brick and public sculpture


Julie has worked on a number of large scale commissions and is always open to discuss a possible piece working alongside Architects, designers, building contractors etc. Her expertise is in large scale brick work with pieces previously working on with Ibstock Brick, Hume Upright Associates and Lancashire Brick and Tile Co

The Man in the Wall
Commissioned for JD Wetherspoons
Ravenhead Red brick

The legend of Anthony Etricke 1703 the Recorder of Poole who an eccentric man, he was offended by the people of Wimborne so declared he would be buried neither in their church, nor without it, neither in their ground, nor above it. So on his death his sarcophagus was interred into the wall of the Minster. The Man in the Wall was commissioned by Wetherspoons for their new pub in the town centre a conversion of the old Conservative Club into a family pub and restaurant.

The Man in the Wall  Wimbourne  Dorset  Commissioned for JD Wetherspoons

Multi Faith Tree
Burnley Arts Centre
Queens Park Road, Burnley
Commissioned by the Arrow Project

Lazer cut sheet metal Working with two youth groups from different faiths who came together to learn about each others religion and celebrate the differences.

Multi Faith Tree

Huncoat Gateway
Burnley Road, Huncoat, Lancashire
Commissioned by Hyndburn Borough Council
Ravenhead Red brick

The giant brick is a replica of a show piece that was built outside the Accrington Brick and Tile factory on the edge of Huncoat and Altham. They made the true Redac brick of the legend of being hard as Iron and the rival factory across the railway created a Nori brick to compete with the popular smooth faced brick.

Huncoat Gateway

Gardening Partnership Community Bench
Colne, Lancashire
Commissioned by The Gardening Group at Stanley Villas
Ravenhead Red brick

The design and creation of this detailed bench was a collaboration with the mental health service users on Colne. We create a a sofa for their garden that has been taken over by the flora and fauna of the outdoor space.

Gardening Partnership Community Bench

Marks and Spencers
Simply Food Moortown, Leeds
Commissioned for Marks and Spencers by Ibstock
Buff brick.

The piece was commissioned to commemorate the old coaching inn that stood on the site of the newly extended Marks and Spencers. Standing at entrance of the car park entrance to the store.

brick sculpture

The Shoe Trail
Haslingden, Rossendale Valley
Commissioned by Land, the education project linked to the Panopticans
Ravenhead Red Smooth

The Shoe trail celebrated the industries of the Rossendale Valley through imagery and materials used in its construction. Follow the trail from the East Lancashire Steam Railway in the town of Rawentstall up towards the Halo at Top O Slate which gives you complete panoramic views of the valley below. The designs were created by the young people of Rawtenstall through workshops looking at the shoe and slipper industry of the valley using brick to reflect the industry of the valley at the turn of the 1900's when there were over forty thriving brickworks with at least two being supplied from the clay pits at Top O Slate.

The Shoe trail brick sculpture

Benches Project
Witton Park High School and Business Enterprise Centre.
Commissioned by the Art Dept
Ravenhead Red Smooth

Key Stage 3 students from the High School and students of the feeder Primary School were involved in the design and creation of the benches, constructed with hand-cut blocks of fine grain Ravenhead Red Smooth from the Specials department at Roughdales Ibstock, St Helens

When fired the pieces were returned to the school and constructed by the head of the Art Department using a neutral coloured mortar.

Shortlisted for the BRICK AWARDS 2007


brick benches

Brick Kiln
Wayside Arts Trail
Towneley, Burnley.
Commissioned by Land, the education project linked to the Panopticans
Ravenhead Red Smooth

A replica ‘beehive’ kiln which features images of local insects, birds and woodland animals. The trail was officially opened in November 2005.

Ibstock Brick Ltd used the Brick Kiln in a number of documents. It has been featured in the Ibstock Portfolio April 2006 (catalogue), Environmental Report 2005, Sustainability Report 2006, D-Zine magazine, and also on the Lancashire Brick and Tile Ltd website.

This project was short listed for the BRICK AWARDS 2006
Best Landscape Project Catagory.

Brick kiln sculpture, wayside arts trail Burnley

Sisters of Notre Dame Convent
Birkdale, Merseyside
Roughdales Buff
Commissioned by Jennings Design Associates, Manchester on behalf of the Sisters of Notre Dame Convent.

The piece was based on the orders brass cross and French motto that is inscribed on the reverse.

Sisters of Notre Dame Convent

Other brick pieces include Our Lady of the Rosary, Trench, Shropshire; Brick Thrones, Fierce Festival, Birmingham; Queens Park Brick Trail, Burnley.

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