Bluebell wrap vase – small


New porcelain wrap vases individually hand painted bluebells drawings in underglaze pencils and paints. These drawings are based on studies of the beautiful flowers that grow profusely in her garden in the spring.

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Hand made by Julie in her studio using her newly pimped up slabroller that has been motorised because of her arthritis. Using porcelain slabs to create the vessels and the seams stitched with tools to firm the join. Bisque fired then decorated using underglaze pencils and Velvet underglaze paints so each one is individualy decorated.

High fired to vitrify the clay body so it holds water.

Would look lovely on a matelpiece or window sill with bunches of freshly cut flowers from the garden or a lovely array of wildflowers from the hedgerow.

Water tight and dishwasher safe


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