Small Easter Bunny drawings



Original Drawings of the elusive Easter Bunny. Each one is named beacuse of their favourite spring food too nibble on in the meadow.

Daisy loves this time of year not just for the chocolate but the first daisies start to emerge.
Buttercup can’t wait for the first ones to emerge.
Bluebell just loves basking in the sunshine and rolling down the hill to the bottom where the best most tasty spring flowers grow.
Cicely as in sweet cicely is a shy retiring type and let the more boisterious bunnys play in the meadow whilst she day dreams under the shade of the old oak tree in the corner of the meadow.

Mix media – pencil, pen, watercolour

size:A5 ivory white mount 145mmx210mm
drawing size:145mmx95mm

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Bluebell, Daisy, Buttercup, Cicely


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